LSL Clip-Ons

With the LSL Clip-Ons you make your motorcycle even more beautiful.

You can compose the Clip-Ons yourself by choosing the LSL Fork Clamps, which you choose on the basis of the diameter of your front fork.

Then choose the right LSL steering tubes to complete the set.

There are different types of Fork Clamps:

  • LSL Sport Match, this gives you a sporty, leaning position.
  • LSL Offset High, this puts you slightly upright than the LSL Sport Match, these are 35mm higher than the Sport Match.
  • LSL Speed Match, these are 16mm higher than the Sport Match and are therefore a bit between the two.

    Then we also have the LSL Tour Match Kit, these motor specific kits contain the LSL Fork Clamps and the steering tubes.

    By the specifik bike models you will find how much higher these come and sometimes also how much more they come towards you, for the optimal sitting position .

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